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Corporate Identity: The identity of a company is the heart of who you are visually. It defines how you are percieved by the public. At the very least, this is your logo and/or tag line but it often includes other supporting material.

Logo Development: An element, unique to your company, consisting of all or some of the following: graphics, symbols, color and type. A logo is created solely for the purpose of instant visual recognition and is the first and most important step in marketing yourself.

Tag Line Development: A short, descriptive phrase that reinforces what your company’s mission, philosphy, character or drive is. Tag lines are often left out by many small businesses but it holds great value and should not be overlooked. Here are some examples that I’m sure you all know: "Just do It", "Got Milk.", "America Runs on Dunkin", "Like a Rock"

Corporate Identity Systems can include some or all of the following:
stationary (business cards, letterhead, envelopes)
collateral (brochures, presentation folders, postcards, direct mail)
interactive (web sites, eblasts, e-newsletters)
environmental graphics (tradeshow displays, large format banners, signs)

Graphic Design: This is the art of bringing all of your information and graphics together. Compositions are built out of color, images, graphics and type to create your design in whichever form you need - brochures, catalogs, magazines, postcards, etc.

Web Design and Development: Having a web site for your company in today’s world is essential. Having one that can be found is vital. "If you build it, they will come" only stands true if the technology behind the scenes is done correctly. A web site must have a solid foundation for it to work with the newest search engine technology - if you can connect with search engines, you can connect with customers. "Form follows Function" holds true across all disciplines of design. Your site should be an extension of your company and a balance of information, imagery and technology.

If you strive for excellence but have no heart, your work has no soul.

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