I’m just a girl, livin in a material world but alas, it is not material possessions that I seek, it’s freedom from the norm, the mundane repetitive day that the 9-5 work force has ingrained in us. It’s not that I do not want to work, quite the opposite. I have a very strong work ethic – that is why you are now reading this. “Support My Habit” came to be because within the first few years of my professional life as a Graphic Designer I became a loyal Dunkin Donuts customer. In the nearly two decades (my god) that I have been working, co-workers from various jobs would always comment on the little girl with the giant cup of coffee 😉

Long gone are the days when all I needed/wanted was a medium. Frankly I don’t know why the coffee industry has not gone over the edge and super-sized it like the beverages you get at the theater. I never have a desire for a 32oz soda but a 32oz cup of coffee, yea, sometimes that would really hit the spot. Like everything else, in the past 20 yrs, the price of coffee has gone up and in the past year or so I actually realized what I was spending on my addiction. It was a bit shocking, especially when I compare this to the price of coffee in the supermarket. This revelation didn’t stop me from going every day, not at all, but it did get me to thinking. Unfortunately, with the recession and a combination of multiple rounds of layoffs and salary cut backs at my latest job I realized that my love affair with Dunkin Donuts may have to take a backseat to things like my electric bill and mortgage. As I saw the end nearing, I started joking that I was going to need to get someone or something to “Support My Habit” – that something is this site. I would love to say ‘my cup runneth over’ but it’s empty so please donate whatever you can to “Support My Habit”.

I certainly hope it works out 😉 If it doesn’t, well I challenged myself to designing and developing a blog and it will look good on my resume. Over the years I added Web Designer and Art Director to my repertoire so if you like what you see and need a designer – by all means check out my site, www.kathleenlota.com. If it does work out well then, maybe one day I will be living the dream… self-employed with a variety of clients and enough work to keep me busy, pay my bills and afford me daily doses of Dunkin Donuts but not so busy that I don’t have time to concentrate on my true passion – www.behindthebrush.com.