Let’s face it, “Support My Habit” is a catchy phrase and before you know it – everyone is going to be talking about it.

Soon my slogan will be seen on billboards hanging over the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel, on subway platforms, wrapped around buses that slowly eek through city traffic, babies will be sporting branded onesies while their doting parents will proudly display their coordinating hooded sweatshirts and caps all with that new catch phrase “Support My Habit”.

It will become water cooler conversation in the advertising and web communities and slowly but steadily overtime, it will percolate into everyone’s lives. Then before I know it, Oprah Winfrey will come calling (this will be my ‘a-ha’ moment). This will not be for my love of coffee or the addiction that caffeine can hold over us, but for the simple creative idea that I have shared with the world. An idea that I hope in return will offer me some financial assistance and really help support my dream of being a painter.

So, be smart, be brave, take risks and get in on the action and place some ads on my site. Aside from the hoards of coffee lovers in the world that have come running, “Support My Habit” will resonate with millions because of it’s simplicity… no, not just simplicity – commonality, because we all have a habit and we would all love for someone to support it 😉