I was never a fan of  Super Size drinks. This may be because in general, I’m not a big drinker. I definitely do not have the recommended daily water intake. In fact most days I just drink my delicious Dunkin Donuts coffee. That being the case I am always surprised by the fact that my body still has significantly more water weight than it should! It’s not like I eat salty food all day long, quite the opposite. That’s a whole other story though… back to this. As I was saying, not a fan of the big drinks. This may also be because I hate: A. Waste (certainly not everyone drinks everything in their cup), B. Excess (we certainly have become a country that is just about consuming more and more, regardless of what that it is), C. What this does to us physically (this comes from growing up with an obese parent and from being deeply saddened when I see over-weight kids) and D. Lack of Alternatives (meaning, when everything is bigger, what was once the smallest is still big). Of course I am not referring to super sized water. I am not a big soda drinker but on the rare occasion I love a cold Pepsi. It would be nice to go to the theater and get one, but it seems your theater beverage options start at 20oz.

All this being said, in my never-ending support of he Dunkin Donuts brand I ask, “Why God, Why” can’t they Super Size the coffee? By today’s standards a 24 oz extra large falls short. I am not asking for a 64 oz. cup (it wouldn’t fit in my car cup holder, nor my hand) but how about trying out a 32 oz? I don’t think that’s too much too ask for. Incidentally, I am a fan of the movie, “Super Size Me”. I found it humorous, educational, sad and shocking. I still love McDonalds though.

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