It’s been far too long since I have published a post. I admit to being overwhelmed with the thought of what to write, how often, will it be good, etc. This is always combined with the stress of finding work and trying to balance a personal and professional life. Although I have not had a post in a few months, it most certainly isn’t because I have let Support My Habit fall to the wayside. Far from it. I’m always working on it from behind the scenes. I laid the foundation but I do realize this is a blog, and to be successful, one must write ๐Ÿ˜‰ I plan on doing much more of that when I return from a much needed Group Therapy week.

So, I am heading out to Vegas tomorrow. I’ll be doing some self promotion for Support My Habit out there and my hope is to get some traffic for another way others can Support My Habit as well. Domains. Yup, I’ve collected a few over the years and although this blog was not intended to be a format for selling them I might as well mention it. Here’s a quick look without a big spiel. All domains are available for purchase through an escrow service, for the protection of both the buyer and seller. If you don’t want to plop sown some money on domains, I recommend reading “Super Size It” or “How To Make the Perfect Cup” from the archives. My “About” section will give you the full scoop ๐Ÿ˜‰

www.marriagevows.com The name says it all. I’ve owned this domain for a long time andย  I’ve had many offers over the years. I’ve held out for the person who recognizes the true value. A perfect portal site name, a dot com, very recognizable saying, huge opportunity for advertising dollars. Follow the link and make an offer.

www.miserablefamily.com What can I say? Sometimes family can make you miserable, whether that’s done directly or indirectly. Another name, another dot come with great opportunity. We all know how far www.awkwardfamilyphotos.net has come. Like many other blogs, it’s now a book. I bet there’s a billion people who can have fun with this one. Follow the link and make an offer.

www.false-reality.com Well, cause it is. I often feel like I am living in the Matrix, wondering when someone is going to wake me up. Life can be a bitch, people are often not trustworthy, most a re selfish and only look out for themselves…. as you can guess these are some things I was thinking about when I purchased this domain. Follow the link and make an offer.


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