When I saw this advertised I thought it was genius. Granted, I pretty much think that of all Apple products. Being that I am a music addict, I initially thought a iPod Shuffle purchase wouldn’t suit me. I already had my 30 GB iPod (now small by todays standards). I have well over 4000 songs on it and it is only a third full. I will probably never fill it, it’s so big. I was the big time music lover, not the occasionally music listener and the iPod I owned fit my lifestyle fine. Plus, at times I follow the school of thought that ‘bigger is better’ (see my ‘size does matter’ category for more on this). Based on all of this, I thought there was no need for an itty bitty iPod Shuffle.

Then someone asked me if I wanted to join them in running a 5k. I am not a runner but I do like to work out and keep in shape. One should not assume that this means I do work out regularly and am in shape;) I want to be though and I thought this would be a good challenge for me. I go to the gym (in spurts) with my iPod. Yes its a little clunky but I deal. I already believe running to be a painfully boring sport. I can’t imagine doing it without music. I soon realized running on a track with my iPod would be difficult so an iPod Shuffle was purchased. Who knew it would be SO awesome? (Not the running, the shuffle). Well, Apple did. I didn’t realize just how revolutionary it was until I had one myself. It certainly doesn’t replace my iPod but it did replace who I took to the gym with me. It’s a great accompaniment. You can fit plenty (more than plenty actually, 12 hours worth) of music on there to keep you occupied for few hours, it’s tiny and is designed as a clip (GENIUS). I use it as a clip to hold open my book when working on the elliptical. And like all Apple products, it’s comes in more than one size with many color options – something for everyone. It’s so small it’s like it doesn’t exist, its the headphones that are now a pain. I need for them to be wireless 😉

I only ran once on the track with my shuffle. It performed well, I did not. Like I said, I believe running to be a painfully boring. Music, in any form, couldn’t change that for me.

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