I really could care less about what Tiger Woods did, with who and how many times. I am tired of hearing about him whenever I turn the radio or tv on, no matter what time of day or channel I am tuned in to. What has happened to our country in the last 20 yrs? What is this ridiculous fascination we have with celebrities? They are just people. I understand the curiosity but not the obsession. The media, like it does with all celebrity news, is ramming it down our throat. I saw an interview with Rosie O’Donnell last week, where she was asked what her thoughts were on the Tiger Woods mayhem. She had the perfect response. It was something along the lines of, “on the same day the president decides to send 30,000 more troops to war, this is what is on every news station – there’s something fundamentally wrong with that.”  Personally I think it’s all O.J.’s fault. That’s when this excessive news coverage started. Been down hill ever since.

This is actually what pushed me over the edge. Even though I don’t care to hear about it, it’s everywhere and unavoidable. The other day I was watching the news. Fox 5 had this ‘relationship expert’ on (I really wish I could find/remember her name) who actually said she thought that Elin should stay with Tiger because the kids are small and too young for the parents to get divorced… that they are so young they won’t realize that Mom and Dad don’t get along really well right now. REALLY???

Are you f’n kidding me? THIS IS WHAT A RELATIONSHIP EXPERT IS SAYING? AND EVEN WORSE, IT’S A WOMAN. This isn’t one, “Oops, I’m just human” What on earth is she saying? That it’s ok to be unfaithful? Disrespectful? That it’s ok to have complete disregard for not only his wife but his children as well? That it’s ok to dishonor their marriage? That she should just take the back seat and hang in there for the kids sake? REALLY? I don’t care what she decides. What I do care about is this idiot, umm, relationship expert is broadcasting to millions of people, thousands of young impressionable women that letting a man take complete advantage of you is forgivable. No, she did not use forgivable but how can she go on live TV and say it’s ok to stay? I don’t get it. This was not one affair, this was 10.

Is it actually better to have kids grow up knowing that mommy stayed with daddy even though he betrayed her repeatedly? Does this make her a strong woman? Is this a self-esteem booster? This is what their children should learn from their marriage? How you can have complete and utter disregard for someone and get away with it. GREAT ADVICE LADY. CAN I GET YOUR NUMBER? I COULD USE A GOOD ADVISOR MYSELF. NOT!

So yes, I don’t care but since I felt like I had to bring it up here let me say this. The real question is, can she live with herself and with him if she stays? I am not saying never to forgive and forget. This was extreme. Should Rihanna of stayed with Chris Brown after he beat her? Or is that worse because you could see her wounds? Same difference to me. I wonder what the idiot relationship expert would say about this.

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