Minding one’s own latte can be hard when you have genuine concern about everyone having the best latte experience possible. Lattes don’t necessarily start out great, they are a combination of elements that over time one has to perfect in making. Knowing how and when to combine the best ingredients for the desired outcome comes from experience. We should all have the best lattes out there and we all can if we are smart in our decisions. This is not to say that I think everyone like’s their lattes like I like mine, not at all. I know everyone is different and respect that. Some consume lattes with reckless abandon, while some know that it is something of a special pleasure – not to be abused.

If I see someone ordering something that isn’t good for them at some point I will probably let them know, especially if that person has a history of ordering the wrong thing. Knowing what to say, when to say it and how to say it at times can be a difficult task. When you see things go on that you truly believe to be wrong, it is hard to stand aside, to stay silent. When you know in your heart you are not alone in these feelings, it is even harder. The desire to speak out is stronger but regardless of all of these things, we must also realize that we can never order for someone else. Not everyone in my blend feels the same way. Some people feel the need to try to save others from continuing to order the wrong thing or what they believe to be wrong. At some point you need to step back and let nature take its course. It’s fine to want to help, it’s fine to offer advice if asked but it is not wise to continue down this path relentlessly.

There are fine lines all around us. Life is about choices. Through good and bad we should be able to learn from them. Life is also also about finding balance. You don’t want to tip the scales too much one way or the other. We are all responsible for finding our own balance. This can be challenging of course, we cannot control everything that goes on around us. But where we find ourselves today is mostly based on decisions we have made in the past. We should be responsible for our actions, we should be respectful of one another and we should also realize that there are consequences to everything we do. Good and bad.

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