Tis the season and I am ready. I have long since been a Chapstick user. Not Carmex, not Burts Bees, not Blistex – Chapstick. I do dabble occasionally in the spring and summer but once falls hits I do the rounds in my home. I have to make sure I have one readily available in all areas. This may seem a little neurotic but it’s only Chapstick, it’s ok to have a multiples. Here’s my rundown – I keep one in my nightstand, one in the living room (poking out of a candle stick holder), one in my office, one in my car, one in my purse (and possibly one in a rotating purse), and here’s the kicker – I am a jacket whore. I swear this stems from only having one jacket as a kid – you know, one winter coat to last until I out grow it. My mother would deny this I’m sure but whatever the reason, now I have multiple jackets and it is imperative since I switch daily sometimes that I have a Chapstick in the pocket of each one. To need that fix and not be able to get it, sucks. No, not as devastating as not being able to have DD coffee but it would immediately become an itch that would need to be scratched. I obviously hate having dry lips! As soon as I get that tight feeling I need to generously apply and the satisfaction is immediate. So thank you Chapstick, for always being readily available and for also being one of the many companies that support the Susan G. Koman breast cancer foundation. With all of it’s options, the Pink Ribbon Chapstick is my Chapstick of choice.


  1. Ugh, hate Chapstick. I’m a lip balm/gloss/stain whore though. I currently have Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer in several strategically placed areas. Plus, in my current purse is EOS in mint, CG lipslicks in daring, and the everpresent Neutrogena.

    • I’ll admit to being a creature of habit – in far too many aspects of my life. I can’t say that I know for sure that Chapstick is the best, just that it is all I have ever used and have no reason to change 😉

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